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Product Information:

Tent Rentals in Jacksonville North Carolina

High-Quality Tent Rentals in Jacksonville NC

The 10 x 20 Tent Rental

If you are looking for a protective, covered tent, we would suggest you opt for our 10 x 20 Classic Tent Rental. It is closed on three sides by windowed sidewalls that ensure proper cross-ventilation. The Tent offers about 200 Sq. ft. of the area that can easily accommodate up to 35 guests and is made of top-grade durable material suitable for all weather conditions. It can be the perfect option for formal celebrations, dinners, or any other outdoor event that you might want to plan! 

         Seating Capacity:

16 people for Sit Down Dinners

20 people for Buffet Style Events

35 people for stand up, Cocktail Parties

The 20 x 20 Tent Rental

If you are looking to host a bigger event with more guests, you can opt for our 20 x 20 banquet Tent Rental. Made by combining two 10 x 20 Classic Tents, it offers the same durability and top-notch quality, but for a larger audience. It is covered by side walls on all sides, so the party can go on irrespective of the weather conditions or time of the day. With 400 Sq. ft. of area, it can easily accommodate up to 70 guests and can be the perfect option for hosting larger events such as weddings, anniversaries, and any other grand celebration for your loved ones.

          Seating Capacity

32 people for Sit Down Dinners

40 people for Buffet Style Events

70 people for stand up, Cocktail Parties

  • 🚚 DELIVERY: We deliver to Jacksonville and surrounding areas (delivery fees calculated at check out). Deliveries are from 6:00am-1100am and pick up from 6:00pm-8:30pm (Daylight saving pick up from 4:30pm-6:30pm). If you require time outside the normal delivery and pick up time additional cost may be applied. If you need more time, please click the overnight button - it may get picked up early the following morning if it is required for another rental that day.
  • ⛈ RAIN POLICY: You can reschedule your rental due to rain at no extra cost as long as 24-hour notice is given.
  • 📲 TEXT US 910-557-8414

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